Jewelry As Unique As The Individual It Honors


  1.  How long will it take to receive my jewelry?

    Typically from 2-4 weeks after the artist receives the collection kit.

  2. Are there more color or style options?
    Yes, visit our website to see all available options, including the addition or upgrade of chains for your pendants

  3. Can I request a special order or color if I don’t see it available on the website?
    Depending on the request, we may be able to accommodate the request. Send an email to and we can follow-up by phone to discuss your request

  4. USPS Priority Mail Express is expensive. Is there another option?
    We suggest following USPS regulation 451.22, which requires using Priority Mail Express for shipping loose cremation ashes. They provide tracking & insurance, and the package receives special attention in handling to avoid damage in their mail handling equipment. More can be viewed here: 

    If you choose First Class Mail instead, make sure you get the tracking information for that shipment.  But you accept the very low risk of potential package mishandling or loss.

  5. Can I order another piece of jewelry after the initial order has been placed and/or received?
    Yes, if the artist you’re commissioning is the same as the one used initially, and assuming there are enough ashes remaining from the prior order. If more ashes are needed, or if a different artist(s) is being commissioned, we will send you a new collection kit.  We just need to know where to send it, and the order can be placed through the website.

  6. Will the jewelry ever break? If so, what happens if it does?
    We provide a full 30-day warranty on all our jewelry and keepsakes.  As with anything made with glass, it may break if dropped on a hard surface or improperly handled.  In the unlikely event your piece breaks, contact to discuss how we can help.  We may also be able to repair the damage at little or no cost to you beyond our 30-day warranty period. If it’s not possible, we may need to send another collection kit so more ashes can be sent to the artist.  

  7. Why do I need to add a referral code on the order if I place the order myself instead of having the funeral home or pet services provider place the order?
    We have a collaboration agreement with your services provider in which they receive a referral fee for introducing you to The referral code helps us align your order with them.  The pricing you see on our website is not impacted at all because of the use of the referral code.

    If you came to MemoryAsh on your own, no referral code is needed.

  8. I lost the paper with the Funeral Home referral code. How can I find out what it is?
    You can either call your services provider to get it, or send an email to requesting it.

  9. How will I know when my jewelry / keepsake is on its way to me?
    Once the artist completes the pieces ordered, you will receive an email notice from with the tracking number, provided we have your email address.